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Research and development

An investment into research and development presents an important part of Igmat‘s strategy. Consequently, a significant part of our sources is being spent for purchasing, maintaining, and updating of our high-quality testing equipment and education of our employees. We actively participate in various national and international scientific projects, prepare high quality research papers based on our own experimental work which are published into world`s leading scientific papers from this field, cooperate with faculties and other national and international research organizations, prepare research projects for national and international customers, etc. Our employees which are members of our Igmat Research Team formed at Slovenian Research Agency are among world`s leading researchers and professionals in the field of testing building materials. We actively participate in almost all national and many international scientific and professional conferences, symposiums, and workshops dealing with testing of cement based materials and are active members of various national and international scientific organizations.

Our Research and Development department cooperates with all other departments of our institute - we develop new, advanced techniques for testing various building materials, perform activities necessary for maintaining our testing equipment, internal and external calibrations, different educations of our employees and customers, etc.

We are aware that investment into above research and development activities are of paramount importance to achieve the highest level of quality, professionalism, impartiality, and promptness of our activities. This is our basic philosophy, important virtue, and competitive advantage.

Activity (the work) of the department

  • introduction and analyses of new testing, prescribed by standards 
  • introduction of new (nondestructive) material characteristic testing 
  • numerical modeling of material characteristics 
  • equipment handling (selection, introduction of new equipment, operation testing) 
  • internal equipment calibrations


Igmat was involved in a project entitled »Sharing and application of innovative strategies for seismic protection of masonry buildings« - CONSTRAIN as a part of Interreg Italia – Slovenia Program.

Within a period 2020-2022, Igmat was actively involved in a project entitled “Sharing and application of innovative strategies for seismic protection of masonry buildings” - CONSTRAIN as a part of Interreg Italia – Slovenia Program. Igmat was one of six partners included in this project (3 Slovenian and 3 Italian partners). A main task of Igmat was to disseminate project results, preparation of photo and video material, preparation of state of the art of existing techniques used to strengthen various masonry buildings, organization of conferences and seminars related to projects etc.

During the project, Igmat was financially supported which is highly acknowledged.