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Basic informations

The core activity of Department for Geomechanics is testing of material quality, quality control of earthworks and foundation. Regarding internal and external quality control we participate in the construction program for Slovenia´s national motorway network and abroad, state and local roads, railway, airports, municipal infrastructure facilities, communal and radioactive waste landfills... We perform laboratory tests of soil, crushed aggregates, rock and stabilized mixtures as well as field tests of their laying and foundation testing of bridges, viaducts, production, business and individual buildings. We perform geological testing of quarries and gravel pits and road status analyses. We provide expert advice in their revitalization and have been intensively dealing with the issues and measurements of skid resistance of road surfaces.

Special importance is given to maintenance and to extension of testing procedures accredited according to SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025.

The department implements and participates in the development research projects and education, it actively participates in conferences which is presented in the bibliographies of our employees. We are regular members of Slovenian Geotechnical Society and Commission for Earthworks at DARS (Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia).

Activities of the department

  • Internal and external quality control of foundation, earthworks (embankments, fillings, rideable base, liner materials - puddle layer, drainage channels, filters, capping layer...), unbound wearing layers of road construction (swab) and stabilizing mixtures with result evaluation
  • Laboratory and field testing of soil, rock and stabilized mixtures according to the standards
  • Stone aggregate testing in the scope of production control
  • Preparation of mixtures for chemically stabilised soils and crushed rock
  • Technological participation in the preparation, planning and production as well as execution of soils, aggregates and stabilized mixtures
  • Research in the area of earthworks, unbound wearing layers and stabilized mixtures:
    • introduction of new standardized tests
    • testing and introduction of alternative materials
    • testing of new technological procedures of production and execution
  • Geological geotechnical field and lab soil research for the needs of facility foundation
  • Geological monitoring of geotechnical works (deep foundation, deep soil improvement, protection of construction pits, installation of geotechnical anchors)
  • Geological geotechnical examination of construction pits and excavations for shallow and deep foundations
  • Geological geotechnical examination and monitoring of quallity of quarries and sand pits (mapping, sampling, prospect assessment, control and quality assurance...)
  • Road status analyses and determination of causes for surface deterioration
  • Measurement and research of skid resistance
  • Control supervision and geotechnical work
  • Consultancy, performance of expertise and preparation of expert opinions
  • Management and cooperation in different research development projects
  • Training in the field of geotechnics