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Slovenian technical approval (STA) can be granted upon the application of a manufacturer who wishes to place a construction product on the market in the Republic of Slovenia, which is not included in any harmonized technical specification according to paragraph 2(10) Regulation 305/2011/EU and is based on investigations, tests or assessments by reference to the relevant basic requirements for construction works listed in Annex I to Regulation 305/2011/EU.

Igmat was named, on the basis of a decision made by the Ministry RS of the Economy, as a Body for Technical Approvals, with the power to grant, modify, extend and terminate Slovenian Technical Approvals (STS) pursuant to Article 9 of the Construction Products Act (ZGPro-1), for construction products under following decisions of the European Commission:

  • Decision : 97/464/EC - Waste Water Engineering products,
  • Decision : 99/472/EC - Pipes, tanks and ancillaries not in contact with water intended for human consumption,
  • Decision : 97/740/EC - Masonry and related products,
  • Decision : 99/94/EC - Precast normal/lightweight/autoclaved aerated concrete products,
  • Decision : 98/214/EC - Structural metallic products and ancillaries,
  • Decision : 98/436/EC - Roof coverings, rooflights, roof windows and ancillary products,
  • Decision : 99/91/EC - Thermal insulating products,
  • Decision : 99/469/EC - Products related to concrete, mortar and grout,
  • Decision : 97/597/EC - Reinforcing and prestressing steel for concrete.

Issued Slovenian Technical Approvals

numberissuedorder by / product
STS-23-203010/23/2023SISTEKO d.o.o. Inspection chamber and manhole – SISTEKO
STS-23-202910/10/2023SISTEKO d.o.o. ESEN Polyester pipe for drainage and sewerage
STS-23-202809/26/2023ITSing inženiring trgovina storitve d.o.o. Inspection chamber R.J.
STS-23-202704/19/2023ADRIA PIPE d.o.o. AKBOR Polyester pipe for drainage and sewag
STS-23-202603/29/2023Elplast d.o.o. PVC UK pipe for street sewerage with structured-wall
STS-23-202503/29/2023Elplast d.o.o. PVC UK pipe for street sewerage
STS-22-202412/23/2022Bandelli d.o.o. Precast concrete element - Channel
STS-22-202310/28/2022Konti Hidroplast DOOEL Polypropylene (PP) solid, monolayer pipe and fittings
STS-19-202209/24/2019NIVO EKO d.o.o. Precast concrete element - Channel
STS-19-202105/15/2019SISTEKO d.o.o. Inspection chamber and manhole – SISTEKO/T
STS-18-202002/02/2021KOLEKTOR CPG d.o.o. Precast concrete products - Reinforced concrete smaller poles and tongs
STS-14-201305/15/2019VITAL 360 d.o.o. Inspection chamber and manhole - GRP
STS-09-200107/17/2019Cementni izdelki GOREC d.o.o. Concrete pipes intended for drainage or draining of rainwater and as vertical elements of manholes and inspection chambers