Customer Satisfaction Survey in the field of testing

Dear Business Partner,

The questionnaire is intended to assess your satisfaction with our work in the field of testing. The feedback we receive from your cooperation will be used solely to improve the quality of our services. Your identity will remain anonymous. However, you can enter your information (name, company) in the section at the end of the survey.

Your participation in the survey is very much appreciated.

Instructions for filling:

For each question / activity in the survey, please:

  • rate your satisfaction and/or expectations using score system from 1 to 5, where: 1- unsatisfactory, 2- satisfactory, 3- appopriate, 4- very good, 5- excellent. If you cannot rate the activity, select "none". If anyone of this activities is assesed with 1 or 2, we kindly ask you for explanation of the assesment. At each question you can also write your suggestions.
  • indicate influeance on your overall satisfaction with the testing services (large, medium, small)

ActivityAssessmentInfluence on overall satisfactionExplanation of assessment, suggestions
Usability and intelligibility of the information on the Igmat website
Scope of services in the field of testing of building materials provided by the company
Service agreement, understandability of offers, service contracts
Response time for service delivery
Staff expertise
Communication and employee attitude towards the customer
Impartiality in the conduct of testing
Form and content of documents issued
Cost of services
Overall satisfaction with the company's services
What do you think needs to be changed in order to further improve the quality of service and the relationship with our customers? Which services should you introduce further to meet your needs?
This quastionnaire is anonymous, but if you want, you can enter your details: