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Basic informations

Asphalt is nowadays the most commonly used material for road surfaces, airports and other trafficked areas. Moreover, as a mixture of natural materials by their origin, it is environmentally friendly and it can be completely recycled.

It is multifunctional ensuring comfort, safety, mobility and economy and it is therefore an optimal solution within the demands of our time.

What are the advantages of asphalt?

Activities of the department

  • Design of hot and cold asphalt mixtures
  • Laboratory testing of asphalt mixtures and constituent materials
  • Technological participation in the preparation, design, production and laydown of asphalt mixes
  • Factory production control and external control of asphalt mix production - QA and QC
  • Internal and external control of asphalt layer laydown - QA and QC
  • Testing of asphalt layer adhesiveness (Leutner test)
  • Testing of asphalt resistance to permanent deformations (Wheel Tracking Test)
  • Monitoring of recycling using foamed bitumen:
    • Mix design
    • Internal and external control of stabilization with foamed bitumen - QA and QC
  • Providing expertise and expert opinion
  • Training in asphalt technology and laboratory testing
  • Pavement structural design
  • Asphalt research:
    • Introducing new standardized test methods
    • Testing new constituent materials for asphalt
    • Testing new technological procedures of asphalt production and paving