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Basic informations

Main purpose of the construction department is to perform various activities used to provide a required and designed lifespan and durability of different civil engineering structures. Therefore, we perform a wide spectrum of experimental and numerical investigations of building materials and constructions, both during and after the construction period. Some of the main investigations include for example modelling and prediction of different materials and constructions properties, inspection of various civil engineering structures, preparation of rehabilitation reports, continuous observation of different buildings exposed to various environmental conditions, etc.

We perform laboratory investigations of different construction elements as well as develop and introduce new, advanced, and non-destructive tests to determine various properties of building materials and constructions. Moreover, our important task is to constantly educate both the employees and customers in order to enlarge the number of the investigations and to increase their quality and reliability.

Activity (the work) of the department

  • Perform inspections of various engineering structures:
    • control of the reinforcement within the concrete element (i.e. distribution of the reinforcement, thickness of the concrete cover, corrosion, control of the pre-stressed reinforcement, etc.)
    • quality control of concrete (i.e. compressive strength, amount of chlorides and sulphates inside the concrete, degree of carbonization, ability of concrete to resist penetration of various aggressive substances, etc.)
    • quality control of different secondary elements of civil engineering structures (dilatation joins, fences, etc.)
    • quality control of welds, screw connections and structural steel
    • quality control of construction steel, welds, and screws
    • detailed visual inspections of civil engineering structures, identification of different failures, determination of their severity, capacity, origin of their occurrence, etc.
  • Perform rehabilitations reports for various civil engineering structures
  • Perform continuous observations of different buildings exposed to various (severe) environmental conditions
  • Perform different laboratory investigations of various building materials and other secondary elements of engineering structures
  • Develop, introduce, and perform new, advanced, and non-destructive experimental and numerical investigations for determination of various properties of building materials and constructions
  • Parform advanced measurements and numerical modeling of the different properties of the materials
  • Perform constant education of both the employees and customers