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Basic informations

The central Laboratory of the Concrete Department of the IGMAT Institute is located at the headquarters of the company. There is a smaller lab at the Maribor regional unit. Apart from lab testing of fresh and hardened concrete, an internal and external control of different cement based materials and planning of different concrete mixtures is performed.

We perform production capacity control of concrete producing plants, construction steel testing and different concrete product and semi-product testing. We have been intensively introducing new testing of fresh and hardened cement based materials and the development and application of new concrete technologies. Our clients are offered consultancy in concrete technology, expertise and analyses.

Within the concrete department, sewerage system leakproofness testing is performed; special attention is paid to detailed checks of more demanding construction engineering facilities and rehabilitation projects whereby different nondestructive testing of installed concrete and fitting is used. Research-development projects are implemented and training in concrete technology is done.

Activity (the work) of the department

  • External and internal control:
    • minerale aggregate 
    • cement
    • fresh and hardened concrete
    • production capacity of concrete batching plants
    • injection, anchoring and contact masses
    • different concrete works
  • Lab testing of fresh and hardened concrete according to the standards
  • Planning of fresh concrete composition
  • Different concrete product and semi product testing and other construction material testing 
  • Sewerage system waterproofing testing 
  • In-situ nondestructive testing of concrete quality and reporting on concrete quality 
  • Detailed checks of demanding engineering facilities 
  • Renovation projects for concrete facilities and internal and external renovation works  
  • Consultancy and training in concrete technology  
  • Introduction of new advanced experimental testing and different research-development projects involving cement based materials