Customer Satisfaction Survey in the field of certification services

Dear Business Partner,

The questionnaire is intended to assess your satisfaction with our work in the field of certification services. The feedback we receive from your cooperation will be used solely to improve the quality of our services. Your identity will remain anonymous. However, you can enter your information (name, company) in the section at the end of the survey.

Your participation in the survey is very much appreciated.

Instructions for filling:

For each question / activity in the survey, please:

  • rate your satisfaction and/or expectations using score system from 1 to 5, where: 1- unsatisfactory, 2- satisfactory, 3- appopriate, 4- very good, 5- excellent. If you cannot rate the activity, select "none". If anyone of this activities is assesed with 1 or 2, we kindly ask you for explanation of the assesment. At each question you can also write your suggestions.
  • indicate influeance on your overall satisfaction with the testing services (large, medium, small)

ActivityAssessmentInfluence on overall satisfactionExplanation of assessment, suggestions
Usability and intelligibility of the information on the Igmat website
Timeliness of the information notice and usefulness of informations concerning the implementation of the assessment on the plant.
Duration and scope of assesment on the plant (please note: the scope, nature of assessment and complexity of the field of certification)
Taking account of the schedule and appopriateness of the choice at the assesment
The professionalism of assessors
Skils in assessment of assessors
Impartiality of assessors
Communication of assessors and their attitude towards auditee
Specification of the conclusions of the assessors (understandability, propriety)
Informing about the further steps or procedures that follow the assessment
The process of treatment evidence recived on the elimination of non-compilance and issue/maintaining the certificate
General satisfaction with work of the certification body
Additional explanations, opinions, suggestions or comments:
This quastionnaire is anonymous, but if you want, you can enter your details: